White Sneakers To Wear This Summer (And How To Wear Them)

There’s nothing like breaking in a fresh new pair of white sneakers at the beginning of spring or summer. They can elevate a casual outfit and give it a clean, crisp, and put-together kind of quality.

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We get it: where white shoes are concerned, there can be a lot of questions. Where do you buy white shoes? What white shoes are trending in the spring and summer? When to wear them? Do white shoes really go with everything? And how the heck do you clean them? 

We also wanted to kick off the fashion season on the right foot, so we’ve recommended only those white sneakers that are inherently vegan by nature.

Our Top Picks For The Best Vegan White Sneakers

Avre, APL, LaBante, Cariuma, Rothy’s , Suavs and Thousand Fell, to name but a few—as well as many other mid to high-brand names that are also going the vegan way when it comes to sneakers.

Please Note: We try our hardest to fully vet the products we recommend to ensure they are vegan-friendly. If a product we have recommended has a leather tag or trim that we missed, please let us know immediately and we will remove the item from our website.”

Canvas White Sneakers

Here Comes The Canvas. Start your spring and summer sartorial season off on a clean slate with these canvas shoes made from either cotton or bamboo. These Cariuma shoes have got to be the cutest white sneakers you’ve ever seen. Exceptionally handcrafted using a sturdy canvas, the insoles of these women’s casual white sneakers are made from organic mamona oil and cork. These white sneakers are a comfortable fit and they come in a rainbow color range of laces. Cariuma also does an off-white sneaker that is more vintage in style for those who like their fashion shoe sensibility to have a bit of the old school. A plethora of colors to choose from.

OCA LOW | Off-White Canvas
$79 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Cariuma.com

We’re also in love with LØCI’s white shoe is just that. It’s also durable and comfortable and made for everyday wear. We love that 20 plastic bottles were recycled to create each and every pair. Also comes in a range of fun colors other than white.

In keeping with the lightweight trend, Ked’s Champion White Sneakers: these cute canvas lace-ups are so dainty that you could easily wear them with a dress! And the delicate Superga COTU White Sneakers with Silver or Gold Eyelets will kick up your shoe game with their European-style vibe. Both of these white sneaker are so chic that they’re almost too good for casual wear, almost.

COTU White Sneakers
$36-$70 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Lulus.com

Shop on Amazon.com

Veja’s canvas white sneakers are made from 100% cotton, Amazonian rubber, rice waste, and recycled polyester. Van’s Women’s Low-Top Sneakers are simple but stylish. Iconic brand Converse has a lightweight but durable canvas white sneaker in the timeless silhouette that is their signature, with blue and white stripes. Perfect for warm days.

Vegan Leather White Sneakers

Vegan “leather” white sneakers are so chic. Take LaBante’s White Apple Leather Sneakers for women, for instance. They’re made of biodegradable apple skin vegan leather. The soles are plant-based natural rubber and they have anti-slip grips. Even the shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. The beauty about these babies is that the insole minimizes odor and they have ample flexibility that conform to your stride.

LaBante London
White Apple Leather Sneakers
$129.97 (price at time of publish)

Shop on LaBante.com

LØCI also leads the vegan way and we’re all in for their maize Origin eco-conscious trendsetting shoe. This game changer of a sneaker is made from non-food grade corn that looks like leather. We adore the ThousandFell Women’s Lace Ups for their classic look and for the fact that they’re composed of coconut, sugarcane, and palm and recycled materials. Their Women’s Court white sneakers are similarly spectacular. Alohas White Vegan Leather Sneakers are made from eco-friendly apple leather.

tb.65 Apple Bright White
$150 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Alohas.com

Oliver Cabel’s Vegan 481 shoes are made from vegan corn and biodegradable bio-based polyurethane. Lace up with Nae Vegan Shoes— especially their Dara White Lace-Up Basic Sport Sneakers. Perfect for streetwear, these have an urban vibe and are made from recycled microfiber.

If you’re looking for high-street, city-style kicks then may we recommend Sylven New York’s MEL White/Rose sneakers made from apple leather.

Knit White Sneakers

Next In Line…Knit! We love that knitted vegan shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and there are lots of labels doing this right now. Suavs’s Classic and Zilker Sneakers are sustainably made using 100% post-consumer recycled threads.

The Classic Sneaker
$120 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Suavs.com

Similarly, Rothy’s The Lace-Up Sneakers and VIVAIA “V Prime” sneakers are also knit from recycled plastic bottles and have a distinctly cool appeal.

V Prime Knit Sneakers
$139 (price at time of publish)

Shop on VIVAIA.com

Slip On White Sneakers

Slip Into These Slip Ons.

Feel completely comfortable when you strut out of your comfort zone with Avre’s Limitless White Sneakers. You’ll adore the textured knit of this chic vegan slip-on shoe that has a whole lot of front-to-back support.

ThousandFell’s Women’s Slip On in white is more of a casual take and we’re loving this one for its clean lines and its use of coconut, sugarcane, and palm and other breathable recycled materials.

The Original Slip On Sneaker
$119 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Rothys.com

Rothy’s The Original Slip On Sneaker is a timeless take and we love how it’s made from the brand’s signature thread which is – you guessed it – spun from single-use plastic bottles. These white sneakers are sure to look fab with your favorite jeans.

High Top White Sneakers

Pull Out All The Stops With These High Tops.

These APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) Concept X high tops were ten years in the making and at one point were banned to wear in the NBA because the spring-based technology propelled athletes to jump higher. We love them for their 100% thread-based production to minimize waste.

APL | Athletic Propulsion Labs
Concept X
$400 (price at time of publish)

Shop on AthleticPropulsionLabs.com

LØCI’s Hero is a hot “bio-leather” high top that was made for streetwear. Comes in white but also a range of other classic colors. 

Rothy’s The High Top Sneaker in bright white combines a classic silhouette with modern design, and top-notch comfort for an elevated everyday shoe.

The High Top Sneaker
$189 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Rothys.com

Designer White Sneakers

The Stella McCartney S-Wave 1 Trainers are stunning designer vegan white sneaker. We also can’t get enough of these elegant and eco-friendly Stella MCartney Clypse Lace Fashion Trainers. They’re fabricated from recycled polyester and plant-based materials.

Stella McCarthy
Women’s Clypse Lace Up Sneakers
$830 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Bloomingdales.com

If you’re in the mood for a pair of haute-style sneakers, then Louis Vuitton’s Charlie Sneakers is a beauty and made from 90% sustainable materials.

Cute White Sneakers

Go The “Cute” Route! If you like your white sneakers on the oh-so-adorable side then we have a number of shoes that fit that category, starting with Superga. Their macrame vegan white sneakers are cute, fun, and will lift your mood every time you put them on.

2750 Macrame White Sneakers
$69 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Lulus.com

You can also round up VIVAIA’s “V Prime” Knit Sneakers. Not only do they have the cute factor, but they’re made from plastic bottles and the rubber outsoles are carbon-free. Veja’s organic cotton Nova Canvas White-Black as well as their V-10 CWL Full-White are also both full-on cute. We think the Vans Original canvas shoe fits the cute bill as do the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic.

Retro White Sneakers

Nothing gives off radical eighties’ vibes than Vans Women’s Low-Top Sneakers and Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. We think the gang from the Breakfast Club would definitely get on board with these canvas beauties.

The 247
$135 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Suavs.com

We love the retro vibe of Suavs The 247 sneakers! They are made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles, have a soft cushioned lining, and are super comfy you can wear them all day.

Likewise the vegan leather retro sneakers from Thousand Fell are also faves of ours.

Thousand Fell
Women’s Court
$135 (price at time of publish)

Shop on ThousandFell.com

Platform White Sneakers

If you have your sights set on a bit of height when it comes to shoes, then Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Clean Sneaker can give you just that. These babies will give you the lift of platform shoes but with a decidedly comfortable fit.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Clean Sneaker
$75-$90 (price at time of publish)

Shop on Amazon.com

How To Wear White Sneakers

Not all white sneakers suit wearing a dress with them. And not all jeans look with them either. We’ve rounded up the white sneakers we think will look divine with your fave pair of denims, as well as with a sporty-style dress. 

Let’s start with LaBante White Apple Leather Sneakers for Women. These vegan hotshots will do well either and they’re made with biodegradable apple skin. These off-white Canvas Cariumas can also carry off jeans and a dress. ThousandFell’s Women’s Lace Up sneakers in white can lend a classic look to any pair of jeans or athleisure-style dress.

Thousand Fell
Women’s Lace Up
$125 (price at time of publish)

Shop on ThousandFell.com

We’re loving Superega’s Macrame White Sneakers. The lacy look will look lovely with any dress and dress up any denim you have going on. These are made with cotton but look luxurious. Alohas White Vegan Leather Sneakers made with apple leather will also look fab with a tennis-style dress or any style of jeans—whether they’re bootlegged, straight-legged, or the like. Rothy’s Lace Up Sneaker is also a dressy sort of shoe that would suit a dress just fine and kick up the look of your denim threads.

How To Clean White Sneakers

In addition to our fave vegan white sneakers, we’ve also added a range of cleaning products, and socks to suit your street style or fitness regimen. Check them out here

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