Best Omega-3 Supplements of 2023: Your Guide to Vegan Omega-3s

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Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for many things, from brain to heart health, but the body does not make omega 3 on its own. That means we must obtain the nutrient from food or supplementation. Traditionally, people thought they could only get omegas from fish, but in reality, most people don’t realize that fish get their omegas from the algae they eat. By skipping the fish and going straight to the source, people eating a plant based diet can still get the fatty acids they need – without the fish burps or unsavory aftertaste.

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In this article, we dig into why omega-3s really matters and our favorite algae-based vegan omega-3 supplements.

Vegan omega 3 supplements

Complement Soft Gels

The best vegan omega-3 supplements we’ve tried hands down are from Complement. The scientifically formulated Omega Complex is packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA, EPA, ALA, and SDA. And the Essential multivitamins are a comprehensive source of vital micronutrients, including B12, D3, and omega-3s.

Complement products are third-party tested, are packaged in biodegradable pouches and with every purchase Complement provides a plant-based meal to a child in need! We’re big fans of Complement products!

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iwi Soft Gels

Their patented blend delivers 50% better absorption compared to standard fish oils. Better absorption = greater health benefits. iwi’s formula is called Almega, derived from algae called Nannochloropsis, combining EPA and DHA.

iwi also includes other essential fatty acids in their formula like omega 6, 7, and 9. They function through sustainable farming practices by recycling 97% of the freshwater they use to nurture once-barren unused land into an algae haven. Yep – it’s grown on land!

Omega-3 EPA + DHA | 1 month supply
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Mary Ruth’s Gummies

These vegan omega-3 gummies are made for kids and adults, making them an ideal option for folks who have trouble swallowing tablets or soft gels, and tend to remember taking their vitamins more often when in yummy gummy form. In peach mango apricot or orange (our fave!), this supplement has omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 to pack a punch.

Mary Ruth’s
Omega-3 gummies | 2 month supply
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Havasu Nutrition Gummies

These vegan omega-3 gummies are sourced from chia seed oil and algae, delivering omega 3, 6, and 9 in a substantial serving. They support brain, joint, heart, eye, and immune system health with added vitamin C to support the growth and repair of tissues in the body.

Havasu Nutrition
Omega 3, 6, 9 + DHA Gummies | 20 servings
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Nature’s Way liquid

This vegan omega-3 liquid supplement delivers a robust 500mg dose of omega 3 fatty acids in a manageable single teaspoon serving. With a light strawberry orange taste, it’s sweetened by monk fruit extract and supports eye, cardiovascular, and brain health. For a mega dose of 1000mg, you can try their cranberry orange flavor too.

Nature’s Way
Liquid Omega 3 supplement | 40 servings
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What are omega-3 fatty acids?

Omegas have been extensively studied for their widespread health benefits with consistent use, from inflammation management to depression, and more. Out of the 11 types of fatty acids these are three main types.

Can you get omega-3s from food?

Vegan omega-3 food sources are available, but you may still need supplement (ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice). While many plant foods have omega 6 or ALA, omega-3 or GLA is only found in plant foods like spirulina, nori sheets, seaweed snacks, wakame, and chlorella. And studies show that most people get their daily serving of omega 6 if they consume canola oil. But omega-3 is not so easy.

Getting enough omega-3 on a vegan diet will look different for everyone. It’s important to eat a wide variety of foods and to also make sure you’re supplementing appropriately as needed.

If you’re unsure if omega-3 supplementation is necessary, ask your doctor, get your blood work done, or you could even try Complement’s At-Home DHA/EPA Omega-3 Index Blood Test Kit.

At-Home DHA/EPA Omega-3 Index Blood Test Kit
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How about omega-3s from fish?

You can get omega-3s from fish but many prefer to get their essential fatty acids from plants. The fish in the sea are dangerously contaminated with pollutants that make them an undesirable way to acquire omega-3s. From fish farm antibiotic and hormone use to oil spills, extracting fish oil from fish could leave you with subpar fish oil supplements.

Pollution: Industrial activities and human waste contribute to ocean pollution, releasing harmful substances like heavy metals, PCBs, and microplastics. Fish accumulate these pollutants in their body and when used to make fish oil, these chemicals are present.

Mercury Accumulation: Mercury is a potent neurotoxin found in water from industrial pollution. Larger fish like tuna have higher levels due to their position in the food chain. Unfortunately, fish oil is often extracted from tuna, presenting an even higher risk to consumers.

So what’s the alternative? Well, you can choose omega-3s extracted from algae!

Is vegan omega-3 effective?

Research indicates that omega-3 supplementation can reduce levels of triglycerides, essentially lowering the risk of heart attack. Additionally, regularly taking fatty acid supplements have been shown to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. And as an integral part of cell membranes, omega-3 provides a starting point for creating hormones to regulate blood flow, relaxation of artery walls, and blood flow.

But do vegan omega-3 fatty acids accomplish the same health benefits? Of course! Omega-3 actually comes from algae. And it has been found that algal oil is as good as, and often surpasses the health benefits of fish oil.

  • Heart health: algae omega-3s are proven to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Joints & Performance: vegan omega-3s help regulate calcium levels in the body. This makes your bones stronger and reduces pain.
  • Immunity: EPA + DHA enhances the function of immune response.
  • Memory & Focus: According to Science Daily, memory cells can communicate more efficiently when there are higher levels of DHA in that part of the brain.
  • Mood: Harvard University links higher omega-3 fatty acid consumption to lower mental health disorders.
  • Vision: Did you know that your eyes have omega-3 DHA? If you’re omega-3 deficient, your vision may suffer.
  • Nerves: DHA omega-3s help regulate your nervous system.

So yes, algae fatty acids are just as effective as fish oil. Remember to choose one that contains both DHA and EPA omega 3s to get maximum nutrition.

As you can see, the benefits of vegan omega-3 are just as good as fish-derived omega-3. Get your omegas straight from the source by choosing one of our favorite algae-derived omega-3 fatty acids listed above. And don’t forget to visit our Amazon Storefront for more vegan omega-3s.

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