10 Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries

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There are many compelling reasons to “Go Vegan”:

  • Defending animal welfare.
  • Saving the environment.
  • Improving your own health.

In this article, I list the documentaries and YouTube videos that we suggest to family and friends. Overall, these films had a huge impact on our choice to go vegan. Therefore, we feel they will help everyone learn why the consumption of animals must stop!

Our “Go Vegan” Story

I (Rachel) first went vegan for the animals. I was eating a salad with grilled chicken while scrolling through pictures of cute animals. All of a sudden, I made the connection. I spat out my food and thought “enough is enough.” It was time to try and “go vegan.” So I trialed a vegan diet for a month. Afterwards, my transition continued until I removed all animal products from my life! Meanwhile, I learned more about:

  • Animal exploitation.
  • The health risks of eating animal products.
  • All the environmental harm caused by animal agriculture.

A couple of years later, my husband Andrew made the same connection. After that, he became a vegetarian. Then a few months later he went vegan. Now that we’re both vegan, we work together to cause as little harm as possible. What’s more, I’m excited to share what I learn with you via this blog!

So if you’re thinking about going vegan, please watch these documentaries. If you’re already vegan, but want to convince family and friends, have them watch too.

While watching, ask yourself:

  • Is any of this cruelty, environmental damage, or sickness necessary?
  • Is there a humane way to take the life of an animal that doesn’t want to die?
Photos of pigs, sheep, chickens and cows.

10 documentaries everyone should watch!

This list is presented in no special order because all these films have equal value. I couldn’t bring myself to rank them!

73 Cows (2018)

73 Cows is a short film about a farmer in the U.K. who struggles with the ethics of raising animals for slaughter. As a result, he completely changes his practices to become a vegan organic farmer.

By filmmaker Alex Lockwood of Lockwood Film.

Watch 73 Cows online on Vimeo.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

This documentary explores the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The filmmakers interview many organizations, challenging them on their policies and corporate links.

Documentary by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. Netflix version produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix or via the Cowspiracy website.

Dominion (2018)

A two hour documentary about animal abuse in Australia and around the world. Although this documentary is hard to watch, we believe it’s necessary to learn the truth about the shocking treatment of animals. This film is a strong motivator for going vegan.

Documentary by Chris Delforce and his team at Aussie Farms.
Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Sia, Sadie Sink, and Kat Von D.

Watch Dominion online on Dominion Movement.

Earthlings (2005)

This documentary reviews the exploitation of animals as pets, as well as for food, clothing, entertainment, and research. Since its release, the impact of Earthlings spread across the globe and is available in over 40 languages.

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and features music by Moby.
Documentary by Shaun Monson, and distributed via Nation Earth.

Watch Earthlings online on Nation Earth.

Four photos of healthy vegan food.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

A film about the careers of two doctors, Dr T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. Both advocate for a low-fat whole-food plant-based diet to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases. For instance, illnesses such as atherosclerosis and Type 2 diabetes.

The documentary also includes interviews with Dr John A. McDougall, M.D., Dr Neal D. Barnard, M.D. and Rip Esselstyn.

Documentary by Lee Faulkerson.

Watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix or via the Forks Over Knives website.

Land of Hope and Glory (2017)

A 48-minute documentary exposing shocking farming methods in over 100 UK facilities. The documentary is presented in English and also subtitled in 10 languages.

This documentary was created by the founders of Surge, including Co-Founder Ed Winters aka Earthling Ed.

Watch Land of Hope and Glory online via their website.

Lucent (2014)

This film deals with pig farms in Australia. It shows footage from at least 50 pig farms and slaughterhouses. It highlights many acts of animal cruelty that are sadly still legal.

Documentary by Chris Delforce and his team at Aussie Farms.

Watch Lucent online visa their website Aussie Pigs.

Seaspiracy (2015)

A short film about the human impact on the ocean due to fishing. It discusses ocean dead zones, species depopulation, and extinction. These problems are due to practices that disrupt ocean environments (e.g. use of drag nets).

Documentary by Ali Tabrizi aka The Friendly Activist.

Watch Seaspiracy online via Viva.

Unity (2015)

Shaun Monson’s sequel to the 2005 film Earthlings. It explores the premise of living as one with animals and our environment. Altogether the film has one hundred narrators. These include actors, artists, athletes, authors, business people, entertainers, filmmakers, military personnel and musicians.

Documentary by Shaun Monson, and distributed via Nation Earth.

Watch Unity online via Amazon or iTunes.

What The Health (2017)

This film explores the connections between government bodies and farming companies. It also questions how these links affect health policies. Moreover, it explores the way government guidelines may harm our health and lead to reliance on the health care and pharma industries.

Documentary by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn.

Watch What The Health on Netflix, or via the What The Health website.

Four photos showing animal agriculture, fish in the ocean, and deforestation.

Hungry to consume more?

See below for some of our favorite YouTubers who will inspire you to go vegan!

Animal ethics activists

Earthing Ed
Ed is passionate about saving animals and the planet through vegan education and activism. Some of our favorite videos from Ed are:

Erin Janus
Erin is a vegan activist who has shared some very powerful videos, including:

Joey Carbstong
Another Australian activist who has been vegan for six years. He spends his life teaching people about animal exploitation and urging them to “be vegan.”

Joey shares his visits and vigils at slaughterhouses. As a member of AV he also shares engaging conversations he has with passersby.

Climate change activist

Greta Thunberg
Greta is a 16-year-old girl from Sweden who is fighting climate change. She has spoken to government officials, the United Nations, and at TEDx.

Vegan recipe developers

There are some great vegan recipe creators on YouTube. Their tasty food makes it easy to be vegan. These are some of our favorites:

Of course, I’m also here to help! Check out our recipes here.

Now it’s Time to Act – Go Vegan!

We truly hope you take the time to watch these documentaries. Even if we convince just one person to go vegan, then this post is a success. It is crucial for every human being to see the suffering and damage that animal-based diets cause. When you can get everything you need from plants, how is it moral to kill animals and ruin the planet?

Go Vegan ???

Six photos of healthy vegan food, the environment, deforestation, pigs and a chicken.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase using these links. The price you pay as a consumer does not change.

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