50+ Best Vegan Cookbooks For Your Plant-Based Kitchen

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or new to plant-based eating, this list of the best vegan cookbooks will inspire you. It includes everything from vegan instant pot cookbooks to global eats, with books that are bursting with vegan recipes that you’ll want to make again and again. 

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This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase using these links. The price you pay as a consumer does not change.

Best Budget-Friendly Vegan Cookbooks

These books will help you to enjoy a varied and satisfying plant-based diet without breaking the bank! Perfect for families, students, and anyone looking to save on groceries.

Fast Easy Cheap Vegan: 101 Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less, for $10 or Less, and with 10 Ingredients or Less, by Sam Turnbull

“Fast Easy Cheap Vegan is all about smart tips and easy techniques that simplify cooking. Many recipes are one-pot, freezer-friendly, and make-ahead meals, creating a stress-free kitchen.”

Plant-Based on a Budget: Delicious Vegan Recipes for Under $30 a Week, in Less Than 30 Minutes a Meal, by Toni Okamoto

“With a foreword by Michael Greger, MD, Plant-Based on a Budget makes plant-based eating easy, accessible, and affordable.”

Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget: 112 Inspired and Effortless Plant-Based Recipe, by Olivia Biermann

“Vegan on a Budget is filled with 112 inspired and effortless recipes, from breakfast to dessert. “

Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking, by Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee

“With practical tips and approachable recipes, Frugal Vegan will help you create plant-based meals that’ll save you money and time in the kitchen.”

The College Vegan Cookbook: 145 Affordable, Healthy & Delicious Plant-Based Recipe, by Heather Nicholds

“This vegan cookbook features 145 modern, whole-food recipes designed with college life in mind.”

Best Vegan Cookbooks for Busy People

These books prove that you don’t need a lot of time to make delicious 100% plant-based food!

Plants-Only Kitchen: Over 70 Delicious, Super-Simple, Powerful and Protein-Packed Recipes for Busy People, by Gaz Oakley

Plants-Only Kitchen offers an explosion of flavor, with more than 70 vegan recipes that work around your lifestyle.”

Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats: Tasty Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day, by Rachel Ama

“Rachel takes inspiration from naturally vegan dishes as well as her Caribbean and West African roots to create great full-flavor recipes that are easy to make and will inspire you to make vegan food part of your daily life.”

Happy Food: Fast, Fresh, Simple Vegan, by Bettina Campolucci Bordi 

“Inspired by food from Tanzania, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria, this is vegan food to make you smile!”

30-Minute Vegan Dinners: 75 Fast Plant-Based Meals You’re Going to Crave, by Megan Sadd

“This cookbook reveals the secrets to cooking dinners that comfort, nourish and inspire you.”

Liv B’s Easy Everyday: 100 Sheet-Pan, One-Pot, and 5-Ingredient Vegan Recipes, by Olivia Biermann

“Everything in this book is cooked with either five ingredients or in one pot or on a sheet pan. You’ll use less kitchen equipment and less effort, giving you more space to exhale in your already busy day.”

Chloe Flavor: Saucy, Crispy, Spicy, Vegan: A Cookbook, by Chloe Coscarelli 

“Every recipe here is bold in taste, loud in color, unabashedly unique, and, above all, easy to make.“

Bad Manners: Fast as F*ck: 101 Easy Recipes to Pack Your Plate: A Vegan Cookbook, by Bad Manners 

“No needless nonsense or preachy bullsh*t. Just delicious, healthy, homemade food for all the busy people out there.”

Vegan Instant Pot + Air Fryer Cookbooks

These books are fantastic for instant pot and air fryer vegan recipes.

The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: Wholesome, Indulgent Plant-Based Recipe, by Nisha Vora 

“In her debut cookbook, Nisha Vora makes healthy, delicious everyday cooking a snap with more than 90 nutritious (and colorful!) recipes you can make easily with the magic of an Instant Pot pressure cooker.”

The Essential Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook: 75 Whole Food Recipes to Fry, Bake, and Roast, by Tess Challis

“This cookbook serves up the most comprehensive collection of good-for-you vegan recipes that pack deep-fried taste?without minimal oil.”

Vegan Comfort Food

Sometimes, all you want is a big bowl of something comforting. These books have you covered. From cheesy vegan treats to meals your grandma made, these are my favorite comfort food guides.

Fuss-Free Vegan: 101 Everyday Comfort Food Favorites, Veganized, by Sam Turnbull

“With 101 tried-and-tested vegan recipes for every meal, including snacks, desserts, appetizers, and vegan staples, Sam Turnbull and Fuss-Free Vegan are your ultimate guides in the new vegan kitchen.”

Plantiful: Over 75 Vibrant Vegan Comfort Foods, by Francesca Bonadonna

With an emphasis on comfort, quality, and taste, Francesca Bonadonna draws upon her Italian American heritage to bring familiar flavors and delectable dishes to your table.”

Vegan Junk Food: A Down and Dirty Cookbook, by Zacchary Bird

“Not all vegans do yoga thrice daily or thrive on kale juice. This book is for anyone curious about cooking meat-free, who DGAF about carbs.”

Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face, by Lauren Toyota

“This is modern, tasty food made for weeknights, sharing with friends at the weekend, late-night munchies, and beyond.”

Vegan Global Eats

African-Caribbean: Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed, by Bryant Terry

“Chef Bryant Terry reworks classic dishes of the African Diaspora into more than 100 culinary combinations.”

Italian: Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen: 150 Pizzas, Pastas, Pestos, Risottos, & Lots of Creamy Italian Classic, by Chloe Coscarelli

“With vegan takes on classic Italian cuisine, Chloe takes you on a delectable trip to Italy that you’ll keep coming back to!”

Thai: Vegan Thai Kitchen: 75 Easy and Delicious Plant-Based Recipes with Bold Flavors, by Sarah Jansala

“Jansala’s 75 reimagined Thai recipes are designed to be nutritious, quick, and, above all, tasty. Sarah does more than teach you to cook amazing food. She gives you insight into the flavors, history, and significance behind Thai dishes.”

Indian: Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook, by Richa Hingle

“Learn the secrets of eclectic Indian cooking, with pulses and vegetables the stars of the dish.”

Mexican: La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Mexican Cooking with Authentic Flavor, by Jocelyn Ramirez

“Join Jocelyn Ramirez as she transforms the traditional dishes she grew up making with her Abuela into flavorful plant-based meals.“

African-Asian: Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes, by Bryant Terry

“More than 100 beautiful recipes that teach you the basics of a great vegan meal. Centered around whole foods.”

Vegan Soul-Food + Southern Cuisine

Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, by Jenné Claiborne

“From pound cakes to smokey collard greens these better-than-the-original dishes are good for your health, heart, and soul.”

Vegan Soul Food Cookbook: Plant-Based, No-Fuss Southern Favorites, by Nadira Jenkins-El

“The Vegan Soul Food Cookbook is full of mouthwatering, 100% plant-based versions of comforting favorites like gumbo, biscuits and gravy, and cajun fried “chicken” that are plant-based but still hearty, delicious, and satisfying.”

Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy’s Heart: A Cookbook, by Timothy Pakron

“In his debut cookbook, Timothy Pakron shares 125 plant-based recipes, all of which substitute ingredients without sacrificing depth of flavor, and reveals the secrets of vegan southern cooking.”

Healthy Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan Reset: The 28-Day Plan to Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle, by Kim-Julie Hansen

“A 28-day plan for new plant-based eaters or anyone looking to get their eating back on track, from the wildly popular creator of Best of Vegan.”

The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out, by Angela Liddon

“Whether you are a vegan, vegan-curious, or you simply want to eat delicious food that just happens to be healthy, too, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who longs to eat well, feel great, and simply glow!”

4-Ingredient Smoothies + Juices: 100 Easy, Nutritious Recipes for Lifelong Health, by Dee Dine

“A better, healthier you is only a few ingredients and a sip away with Green Smoothie Gourmet founder Dee Dine’s nutritious array of 100 smoothies, juices, and wellness shots!”

Crazy Healthy with 4 Ingredients: Dessert, Breakfast & Snack Vegan Recipes, by Dee Dine

“Easy on time, easy on budget, Crazy Healthy with 4 Ingredients is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to eat healthy easily.”

Living Lively: 80 Plant-Based Recipes to Activate Your Power and Feed Your Potential,  by Haile Thomas

“This unique cookbook and guide combines 80 super-powered plant-based recipes with a “7 points of power” manifesto to inspire the next generation of leaders toward self-reflection, critical thinking, and unlearning toxic ideas.”

The No Meat Athlete Cookbook: Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts—and the Rest of Your Life, by Stepfanie Romine + Matt Frazier 

“The No Meat Athlete Cookbook showcases 125 delicious vegan recipes, many inspired by plant-based foods from around the world,  to power you to perform better, recover faster, feel great!”

Bad Manners: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck: A Vegan Cookbook, by Michelle Davis + Matt Holloway

“Bad Manners lives in the real world. It offers more than 100 recipes for their best-loved meals, snacks, and sides for beginning cooks to home chefs.”

Simply Delicious Vegan: 100 Plant-Based Recipes, by Caitlin Shoemaker

“Complete with personal tips for creating a glowingly healthy and happier life, this book offers 100 recipes that check every box and fit easily into real life.”

The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 75 Satisfying High Fat, Low Carb, Dairy-Free Recipes, by Nicole Derseweh + Whitney Lauritsen

“Eating vegan now includes the full benefits of the ketogenic diet, thanks to dozens of dishes that promote increased energy and better digestion.”

Plant Over Processed: 75 Simple & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Nourishing Your Body and Eating From the Earth, by Andrea Hannemann

“Andy lays out a “30-Day Challenge”, followed by a long-term plan for going 100% plant-based.“

The Plantiful Plate: Vegan Recipes from the Yommme Kitchen, by Christine Wong

“With a mix-and-match approach, these recipes offer maximum flexibility to account for individual tastes, allergies, and perhaps most importantly, what happens to be in your kitchen that day. “

Vegan Desserts + Baking

The Joy of Vegan Baking, Revised and Updated Edition: More than 150 Traditional Treats and Sinful Sweets, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

“With familiar favorites including cakes, cookies, crepes, pies, puddings, and pastries this book will show you how easy and delectable baking without eggs or dairy can be.”

Modern Vegan Baking: The Ultimate Resource for Sweet and Savory Baked Goods, by Gretchen Price

With 125 recipes, plus step-by-step tutorials, Modern Vegan Baking provides a variety of tried and tested recipes for anyone who enjoys vegan baking.”

No-Bake Vegan Desserts, By Christina Leopold

“In this incredible collection of delectable plant-based sweets, you’ll discover easy-to-follow no-bake methods for preparing all of your favorite vegan treats.“

Baked with Love: Over 100 Allergy-Friendly Vegan Desserts, by Brittany Berlin

This book serves up wholesome recipes for a wide range of dietary preferences that taste so delicious they’ll have you and your loved ones coming back for seconds.”

Incredible Plant-Based Desserts: Colorful Vegan Cakes, Cookies, Tarts, and other Epic Delights, by Anthea Cheng

“Whether you are an eager home cook or a more experienced chef, Anthea shows you that sponge cakes can still be fluffy and moist and pastry can still melt in your mouth without animal-derived ingredients.”

Books for New Plant-Based Eaters

The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients or Less, by Brandi Doming

“The recipes in this book rely on refreshingly short ingredient lists that are ideal for anyone new to plant-based cooking or seeking simplified, wholesome, family-friendly options for weeknight dinners.”

Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook, by Angela Liddon

“A beautiful go-to cookbook from one of the Internet’s most beloved cooking stars, Oh She Glows Every Day proves that it’s possible to cook simple, nourishing, and tasty meals—even on a busy schedule.”

Hot for food all day: easy recipes to level up your vegan meals, by Lauren Toyota

“With her signature bold style, Lauren guides you, step by step, through her favorite everyday dishes, using tips and tricks to level up leftovers, saving you from eating the same thing twice.”

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge: Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day of the Week, by Bettina Campolucci Bordi

“This is an inclusive book that embraces everyone, from full-on vegans to those who know it makes good sense to eat more veg.”

BOSH!: Simple Recipes * Amazing Food * All Plants, by Henry Firth + Ian Theasby

“The book is jam-packed with fun, unpretentious and mega satisfying recipes, easy enough to be rustled up any night of the week. It’s enough to convince the staunchest of carnivores to give plants a whirl.”

The Friendly Vegan Cookbook: 100 Essential Recipes to Share with Vegans and Omnivores Alike, by Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto

“The Friendly Vegan Cookbook is filled with go-to staples for when you have meat-eaters to impress.”

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook For Beginners: 550 Plant-Based Healthy Diet Recipes To Cook Quick & Easy Meals, by Jordan Worthen

“This beginner-friendly book will show you how the 100% plant-based diet works, what foods are allowed, and the main benefits of living on a plant-based diet, plus more than 500 easy recipes you can cook at home.”

Best Vegan Cookbooks for Experienced Cooks

Vegan YUM: The Secrets to Mastering Plant-Based Cooking, by Megan Sadd

“Each chapter begins with beautifully illustrated reference pages to help you master plant-based cooking. This is more than a great vegan cookbook. It’s an inspiring and instructive ode to flavor that will revolutionize the way you cook.”

The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples, by Miyoko Schinner

“A guide to creating vegan versions of pantry staples. From dairy and meat substitutes such as vegan yogurt, mayo, bacon, and cheese, to dressings, sauces, cookies, and more.”

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my favorite vegan cookbooks. I’ll be adding to the list as new titles come out, so make sure you bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest releases. If there are any books I’ve missed that you think deserve a mention then drop me a message in the comments section!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase using these links. The price you pay as a consumer does not change.

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