12 Super Refreshing Infused Water Recipes!

Pitcher filled with infused water including raspberries, nectarines, lemon and ginger

Raspberry, Nectarine, Lemon + Ginger: into a pitcher, add a handful of fresh raspberries, 1 large nectarine (sliced), 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger (sliced), and 1 lemon (sliced) | Muddle and fill with ice and sparkling water.

Water is the most important nutrient you’ll ever consume. In fact, water is necessary for all life on Earth. Therefore, it’s essential to get enough of it. However, sometimes we need a little help. This is where these recipe ideas for infused water come in. Start enjoying water infused with these fruity, herby combinations and you’ll benefit from improved hydration in no time!

Two pitchers filled with infused water, including basil, lemon, ginger, lime and lemon grass

Basil, Key Lime, Ginger + Lemongrass (left): ingredients are 1 handful of basil, 3-4 key limes or 1 regular lime (sliced), soft inner leaves from 1 lemongrass stalk (sliced), 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger (sliced) | Basil + Lemon (right): ingredients are 1 handful of basil and 1 large lemon (sliced) | For both: add ingredients to a pitcher, muddle and fill pitcher with ice-water.

Is Infused Water Good for You?

The simplest answer to this question is YES! However, maybe not for the reasons you’ve heard. The truth is plain and simple, infused water is good for you because hydration is good for you! For many people, plain water is a little boring. Therefore, infusing water with tasty fruits, herbs, and botanicals is a recipe for success. This is because we’re more likely to keep filling up our glass if the beverage is delicious!

Pitcher filled with fruit infused water, including passion fruit, kiwi, lime, strawberries and soda water

Strawberry, Passionfruit, Kiwi + Key Lime: to a pitcher, add about 10 strawberries (sliced), 1 kiwi (sliced), the pulp of 1 passionfruit, and 3-4 key limes or 1 regular lime (sliced) | Muddle ingredients and fill the pitcher with ice and sparkling water.

So, what health benefits can you expect from drinking infused water? Well, as we said – it’s all related to staying hydrated! Generally speaking, adult men need about a gallon of water every day. Adult women need roughly 3/4 of a gallon. However, it is important to note that this changes depending on age, climate, exercise level, general health, and pregnancy/breastfeeding. Here are some guidelines on how to check for dehydration.

Pitcher filled with infused water made with cucumber, mint, lemon and star fruit

Starfruit, Cucumber, Lemon + Mint: to a pitcher, add 1 starfruit (sliced), 1 English cucumber (sliced), 1 large lemon (sliced), and a handful of fresh mint | Muddle ingredients and fill pitcher with ice-water.

To be more specific, drinking enough water:

  • Keeps your muscles and joints working properly
  • Makes it easier for your heart to pump your blood
  • Reduces fatigue and keeps your brain sharp
  • Protects sensitive tissues (eyes, mouth)
  • Helps your kidneys and digestive system cleanse your body
  • Keeps your body at the right temperature

We only get about 20 – 30% of our water from food – the rest must come through drinking. So, hopefully, you’re getting some ideas on how infused water can benefit you. We see anything that encourages you to hydrate properly as a win! Also, don’t forget that every glass of water you drink is one less glass of soda. That means less sugar or artificial sweetener going into your body.

Two pitchers filled with infused water, including: watermelon, lemon, mint, lime and jalapeño

Watermelon, Lemon + Mint (left): ingredients are 1 cup of small watermelon pieces, 1 large lemon (sliced), and a handful of mint | Watermelon, Lime + Jalapeño (right): ingredients are 1 cup of watermelon pieces, 1 jalapeño pepper (sliced, seeds removed), and 1 regular lime (sliced) | For both: add ingredients to a pitcher, muddle, and fill pitcher with ice-water.

Note: infused water recipes don’t generally contain enough fruit or other ingredients to provide much nutrition. If you’re looking to benefit from the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable – just eat it! Similarly, there’s no scientific proof for any detox benefits due to what you infuse in your water.

Pitcher filled with strawberries, mint and orange slices

Orange, Strawberry + Mint: into a pitcher, add 2 oranges (sliced), about 10 strawberries, and a handful of mint | Muddle and fill the pitcher with ice-water.

How do you make Infused Water?

There are also tricks for different types of ingredients:

  • Use fresh, good quality ingredients. Your drink will only taste as good as what you put in it.
  • Wash everything well to remove any dirt or residues – you don’t want these in your drink!
  • Use cold or room temperature water – hot water breaks everything down and makes it soggy.
Pitcher of infused water, including blueberries, blackberries, peaches and lemon slices

Peach, Berry + Lemon: into a pitcher, add 1 cup of blueberries + blackberries, 1 large peach (sliced), and 1 large lemon (sliced) | Muddle and fill the pitcher with ice-water.

Each of the infused water images above and below comes with a recipe! Therefore, instead of repeating ourselves, here are some general tips:

  • Cucumbers, citrus, melons, and mint will flavor water almost immediately.
  • Harder ingredients like apples, cinnamon, or ginger require an overnight soak for the best flavor.
  • Crush fibrous ingredients like ginger, lemongrass and woody herbs (e.g. rosemary) prior to infusion.
  • Muddle” ingredients like strawberries, stone fruit, and herbs with a wooden spoon, muddler or similar tool before infusing them to get more intense flavors. As a bonus, if you get a muddler you’ll have it for making cocktails!
  • Don’t leave citrus rinds soaking for too long. If you’re keeping citrus in the water for more than 4 hours, remove the skin.
  • It’s tasty to add some chili, like jalapeños to water. However, make sure you only steep them for 30 minutes. Any longer and you’ll really be feeling the burn.
  • Visit my Amazon Store for a selection of our favorite pitchers, glasses, ice cube trays and tools to make your infused waters even better!
Pitcher filled with lemon slices, cherries and mint

Cherry, Lemon + Mint: into a pitcher, add 1 cup of cherries (pits removed), 1 large lemon (sliced), and a handful of mint | Muddle and fill pitcher with ice-water.

How long will Your Flavored Water Last?

Unsurprisingly, the shelf life of your infused water depends on what you put in it. However, as a general guideline, it will taste best in the 2 – 4 hours after you make it. Also, make sure you keep it cold – either by adding plenty of ice or keeping it in the fridge. The benefits of chilling your infused water are that it’s nicer to drink, and the cold prevents spoiling.

Two glasses filled with frozen green and red grapes, lemon slices and rosemary

Lemon + Rosemary with Frozen Grapes: in a glass, add a small handful of frozen seedless grapes (instead of ice cubes), 1 large lemon (sliced), and a sprig of rosemary | Fill glass with water | Eat the grapes at the end!

Finally, if you’re keeping infused water for longer than 4 hours, it’s a good idea to strain out the solid bits. This avoids the citrus rind problem we mentioned earlier. It also removes fruit that has become soggy and unappealing (we’re looking at you, strawberry).

Pitcher filled with sliced stone fruit and mint

Stonefruit + Mint: into a pitcher, add 1 large peach (sliced), 1 nectarine (sliced), 2 apricots (sliced), 2 plums (sliced), and a handful of mint | Muddle and fill the pitcher with ice-water.

So there you go friends – that’s everything we know about delicious infused water recipes. We hope you enjoy our flavor ideas and get inspired to create your own! If you do try these recipes, be sure to let us know what you think with a comment and a rating. Every bit of feedback helps make the blog even better.

And if you’re looking for another refreshing drink with lots of flair, check out our amazing Butterfly Pea Tea!

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